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the day of my first dance in 6th grade I went to my cousins house after school to mess around for a few hours before we buttoned up the rayon shirts and Z Cavaricci's. we rode bikes over to one of our friends house, he was on his bike and I took my older cousins homemade bike, it was pieced together from a bunch of different bikes they had gone through over the years. while smoking my cousin on the race back to his house, I went to pull a lil wheelie over on of the pot holes in the rock road so as to not have to slow down and lo and behold, the front wheel goes flying off. the forks dug in and my face broke my fall on the white rock road. so I got to go my first middle school dance with a face full of scab.

at least it didn't break any teeth, that would come later diving in basketball practice.
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