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Originally Posted by Davik View Post
Used to do it every year in keep gunk from building up on the insides...water has to be at a rolling may be surprised at how much junk comes out during the first cleaning...I agree with the folllow up oil, but only a light oiling is necessary...the heat of the water dries the metal, and there is no water left in the gun...remember...HOT HOT HOT boiling water.
X2... I did it every time I went on a super cold hunt, like Elk in the high country. Will keep the bolt and trigger from freezing up from the old oil from gunking up in the cold. I always used the dry lube teflon spray to follow up. might not hurt to put the bolt and trigger in the Oven for a short while "ON LOW" with the "DOOR OPEN" to make sure all H2O is out. Or just use a hair dryer... People in Alaska have been doing this for over 100years.

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