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Default New Year Workout Accountability 2018

Originally Posted by silentstalker92 View Post
you do realize your muscles need rest to rebuild repair and to grow right?
Absolutely sir. Plan Iím doing is a 7 day plan where you have 6 days off of rest per muscle group.

Iím changing it up where I do arms twice a week with a 3 day rest in between rather then just once.

Also Monday may be a rest day due to a full day of traveling to head to dallas and back.

Todayís work out plus:
Shoulder Height Cable Curls /// Cable Tri Kickback
Cable ez bar Curls alternating Wide and Narrow grip /// single arm cable Tri ext
Both were similar sets and reps as the others.

Tacked on Abs:
Parallel bar leg lifts 3x20 and floor leg lifts 2x20
Floor sit ups 5x20
Decline Sit up 3x20 and Decline Russian twist 2x30
Planks 4x30 secs

30 mins of stair master upper end moderate pace
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