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Supposed to be a running day. Couldn't find a burst training alternate workout that seemed good, so I made up a chest workout with a body beast twist. Increased weight pyramids.
Incline bench press 15, 12, 8, DS 8.
Flat bench press 15, 12, 8, DS 8.
Decline bench press 15, 12, 8, DS 8.
Combo set close grip bench press to fly 15, 8, 6 (bit off more than I could chew from the start).
Decline push-ups 3 x 10.
Standard push-ups 3 x 10.
Incline push-ups 3 x 10.
I was planning on finishing with diamond push-ups, but I had to finish the last set of standard push-ups on my knees. Decided to call it quits on incline push-ups.

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