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Originally Posted by tbeak View Post
Jmeg what sold you on Dakota? I've seen them before on the internet. Never in person

Same thing to you BT?
Of all the safes (security containers ) in my budget Dakota was the strongest one. They are not very well known but they go the extra mile to keep the door from being pried open. Customer service was great too. The warehouse in OK shipped a safe that was a 2016 model and I ordered the 2017 model. There wasn't much difference in them at all. The owner of Dakota knocked a significant amount off the price because I agreed to take the older one. I've been very happy with it.

PS: There was a burglary in the town next to me. The owner had a Dakota safe and the bad guys never got into it. The safe was ruined and had to be replaced because of their efforts but the victim still had all his stuff.

Also watch this:

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