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I spotted some sign of a nice buck on SNF, I think the rubs indicate a 4 yr old +. Made a hunt yesterday evening and this morning til 10am. I was hunting a side ditch that headed up in the pines and comes down to a bigger creek bottom. I setup about 40 yds out of the pines.

Yesterday nothing showed, but heard squirrels up in the pines mad at something but nothing came down to the hardwoods,

This morning I was up the tree way before light. As Light barely started cracking, I heard a noise up in the pines for about three seconds and then a couple of sounds of something stepping. I thought something was going to come through, but it got quiet.

As it got a little lighter, a pack of coyotes startes cranking it up for a minute, across the county road.

About 30 minutes after light squirrels started raising cain up in the pines where I heard the pre-dawn noise, for about 5 minutes, but then all was quiet.

I tried some grunting but nothing came.

At about 8:30, a doe and fawn came across the edge of pines to where the side ditch comes out of the pines and they went up into the pines.

At about 9:25 am a fawn came across the side ditch just below me. It had a broke left front leg, at the ankle and was having to hop on the one front leg. Sad to see. I hope the coyotes don't get on her trail.

That was all that showed. I am going to have to figure a new angle on the buck. I think a climber on the edge of the pines right at dark might be the only way to catch him. Tricky rascal.

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