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Good info Dustin, thanks for sharing. I believe you meant Unit 4 by the Boys Ranch (Check map at beginning of this thread) My ranch is at the end of that road (fm2166) Unit 5 is down the road off of hwy 67 just before the 12 mile bridge and is a walk-in only unit. Yes Unit 1 is awsome if ya get way back to where the pecan trees are (and the river splits) You have done your homework VERY few people I know even have found that spot. Most don't want to take there trucks through that really thick stuff that ya run into about halfway back on the way in, but the payoff is worth the trouble if you see the scrape lines through the trees just passed there before ya run back into the fence line again I'm sure you know where I'm talking about.'s the kicker(?) did ya know that they are done with that HUGE 12-15K sq ft hunting lodge thats off in the distance and boarders most of that Unit? Yep, and they are HIGH FENCING along that whole fenceline back there keeping all those big bucks that would bed down on the other side from coming into there traditional watering spots Only deer access will be from the dam area OR maybe way back as far as ya can go by the back fence next to the river. I don't think they own that stretch where the farm fields and cows are back there. May be they will fence out some of those nice deer into that small concentrated stretch back there eh? I filled half my tags back there last year and the year before.

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