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In my experience hunting out at the "Buttes", which is what we always reffered to it as, I hunted deer, dove, ducks and quail. Not very successful with the quail. There is a bunch of them out there but they are wild and will not stay put when running dogs.

We put the hurt on the duck population while I was there. We killed our fair share of dove as well.

My buddies and I probably killed ten deer off the place in 4 years. We saw a bunch of good deer while hunting just never could close the deal. We had encounters with 130 class deer and found the sheds of one of them (132" ten)

Best advice I could give is to hunt the back end of the place near the boys ranch, Unit V on the map. It is best to come in near the boys ranch as well. Its a rough ride and back then you would have to go out the boys ranch entrance anyway. I am sure if that has changed yet or not. I found that the hunting pressure was about half as much on the front side (near the dam). This was about two years ago and things probably have changed.

Unit one is where I did most of my hunting because it was at the time not hunted but anyone but about 5 to 10 people that I knew of. Most of the turkeys I saw on the place were at the very back of the Unit 1 in the Pecan bottom. The neighbor had plowed up the field right across the fence and planted with oats and such. There was a bunch of deer movement in the back as well. You could also seal yourself off from the rest of the place and use your truck as a road block. Most people would not go by your truck but we had a few a-holes that did during prime time but its to be expected.

We also had some encounters with Javi's near the boys ranch and in Unit 1 as well. A few were killed on the place while I was there.
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