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Bill summed it up pretty well. I went from the 7D to the 6D also and I shoot at 6400 ISO and even 12800 is still usable. I shoot mainly wildlife and will have to admit it's harder getting good sports shots with the 6D vs the 7D. The 7D II is Canon's top of the line APSC camera and was designed for sports shooting and really has no peer in the Canon APSC line. I haven't used a Mark II yet and it's supposed to be better but my old 7D was noisy at 3200. You might consider the 5D III but it just above your cutoff point and if you don't already have the full frame lens to support it your really going to be spending some money.

It would help if you described what kind of sports shots you are taking and what the lighting conditions are. Also, if your not using at least a 4.0 lens your just not going to be happy no matter what camera you use.
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