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Originally Posted by Retsbew View Post
I don't think one's opinion should be restricted or measured by where they come from, live, how old they are or anything else that begs the question of what the heck that kind of thing has to do with the specific topic of conversation. Doing so deflects from the discussion and tends to promote defense strategies at a personal level (human nature), and no good comes of that.
I had a feeling you were going to take the "Are you from Texas" and MEB's "How old are you" questions the wrong way.

No... your opinion by no means should be restricted by where you are from...

But come on.... you sound like a fairly well read/educated guy... you have to know that where you are from... how long you have lived... where you have traveled makes a big difference in your opinion and more importantly your perspective that forms it. Your opinions are formed by your perspective and your perspective is shaped by where you live, what you listen to, and how old you are. Equally as important, the perspective of the audience will drive how well your question/message is received.
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