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I don't think one's opinion should be restricted or measured by where they come from, live, how old they are or anything else that begs the question of what the heck that kind of thing has to do with the specific topic of conversation. Doing so deflects from the discussion and tends to promote defense strategies at a personal level (human nature), and no good comes of that.

I will say that I've hunted with bow and gun for over 50 years, in places/conditions that many here will probably never get to experience (and wouldn't want to, lol), and even won a few local plastic trophies along the way. I remember when the only targets were paper bullseyes on straw bales, target bows had no gadgets, compounds were cumbersome novelties and 'normal' hunting bows needed only a string, a wood arrow and instinctive shooting practice to make them work. I know very well what it feels like to stalk, kill, clean, drag out (what's an ATV??), butcher, eat and appreciate an animal, and I know how that compares to hitting a piece of foam or paper on a target course.

I hope that today's hunters who by choice or life situation must count video tapes and chat sites as their primary 'archery experience', can somehow grow to understand that traditional archery is real, well worth undertaking, and measured much more by what's in their heart and field time than by what repetitive punching of holes in foam or paper brings.

I'll leave this thread now and trust that regardless of where your interests lie (hunting with simple gear or target shooting with maximized precision), some may find discussions like this one worth thinking about.

Best of luck to all.
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