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Im with the others, I have no idea what you are trying to debate or prove? I sense that you feel “traditional archery” is a selfbow and wood arrows....if that’s what works for you and you like it and want to call it that, good for ya. But I feel like you are trying to say the new materials used in building bows somehow makes you have the ability to pick up a recurve or longbow and just go to the woods and “kill every animal you hunt”, that just isn’t the case. I didn’t pick up a recurve to impress you or anyone, or follow your rules or stay in between your guidelines of what traditional archery is. I started using a recurve to test my skill in the woods and get back to a simpler way to enjoy the outdoors, and I’m doing just that. I’ve been very successful in killing critters with trad bows and I’m gonna keep on doing it, you call it what you want, I’m gonna call it good and move on!

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