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Depends on what I am doing with the deer.

All but the last gut/field dress on the ground

If it will be hanging in the cooler, hang from the head and skin with a few cuts here and there the skin is off quickly. then carry deer into the cooler and hang. Most processing places do it that way and many use a winch to pull the hide off like much like the rock method, is quick and easy.

If processing it at the house or where legal to process beyond 4 quarters like Texas requires I will hang from the back legs and bone it out hanging right there, just meat in the cooler after that. Will take the time to separate the muscles of the hams while hanging, pull tenders and backstraps. pull off the shoulders to bone later and trim off all extra for sausage.

then there is the gutless method. hang by rear legs, skin then pull shoulders, backstraps a small slit in the side at the right place and pull out the tenders. slice the meat off the pelvic bone and pop the rear leg off at the ball joint. guts and chest cavity never opened. At one time this method was not legal in Texas when you had to keep the rib meat. This method is the fastest but wastes some meat and I only use it if in a real hurry since I like sausage and want to get all of it I can.
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