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I'm going to add mine here so it's all on one thread.

Have friend shoot the hog when it was where he was hunting with a rifle below me on the mountain

Butcher in the shade. The rear quarter is on the aluminum pan from a wholesale restaurant supply store. 2 pans, an old cutting board, sharp knives, big zip lock bags and my Dodge RAM and I have a portable butcher shop. I pack all the butchering gear plus gambrel in the white cooler to transport. A hack saw with coarse teeth cuts bone great. I use 409 Kitchen Disinfectant to keep everything clean and sanitary in the field.

I put both rear quarters in a smaller cooler, added water to cover, 1/3 box Kosher salt, 1/2 a bag of brown sugar, onion powder and Kelly's HawgRub. Then I poured a big bag of ice to keep cold, and let it sit for about 24 hours.

Removed leg, and used a sharp knife to remove fat and the white membrane on the meat. All of it has to go. It's easier when the meat is cold, it peels off with help of the butcher knife.

Then I cut it with butcher knife, and used hacksaw to trim the meat to this shape. I dried well using paper towels, and then put HawgRub all over it.

I have a propane smoker with a pan on the bottom to put water in to keep the meat moist.

I soaked a couple handfuls of mesquite chips in a bowl of brine id had the meat in. I put the meat in the smoker, the chips on the bottom and tried to keep the heat down to 210-220, which several times it got too hot so I turned off the gas and let it cool to get to 210. Once set right I did a second dose of mesquite smoke, then 6 1/2 hours in the smoker. The hams came out like this.

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