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Originally Posted by 1shot View Post
I plan on getting my chl after the start of the year. I have a few questions.

What is the most comfortable position to carry in? Its all personal preference but I usually carry at 4 O'clock or Appendix

What do you carry? I personally alternate between a Glock G33, a G19, and a CZ P10C

Single stack vs double stack does it really make a difference printing wise? I dont care in the slightest about printing, mainly cause as others have stated, its not that noticeable. For preference, I prefer a double stack, then again im also the "crazy" guy that carries a second magazine regardless of the firearm I have on me.

What are the rookie mistakes I should avoid? Not training. And im not talking about going the the range once or twice a year. Best thing I ever did to gain confidence in carrying is taking a handgun combat class and a night time handgun class. The more you train, the more comfortable you will be, and the better prepared you will be.

and any other helpful hint would be great.

Every day carry weapons are only as good as how comfortable you are. A lot of things are personal preference. I used to prefer my Crossbreed super tuck and N82 tactical holster but now ive lost 50lbs and can comfortable carry appendix and I now run a full kydex holster IWB.

Also, im the guy that will carry OWB 90% of the time. Honestly because its the most comfortable. I call it "lazy ccw" carry OWB but Ill have my shirt draped over it. I was honestly surprised how little people noticed it. Been doing it this way for the past 4 years and have only had 2 people see/notice it.

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