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Originally Posted by Luck_of_the_Draw View Post
I think each "team" should donate for a dumpster. Then the cost would be spread out among the teams.

Whatcha think?
If it comes down to it then I will be hitting up the other teams for a donation. But we had min cost out of our pocket last year for this team and this year since we already have all the stuff left over that we need from last year its just $20 a person for trash haul off.

I know the other teams put out way more money then that on food. So I dont want to ask unless I have too.

BUT this team was created last year to put a effort towards containing the trash in the walking areas and bathrooms to try and keep the park clean as we went along through out the day. Some how by the end of the night we ended up with most of teams trash in one pile and that was not really the plan.

So its just best to pay for haul off and no one has to worry about what they are going to do with it and no one gets mad if trash ends up in someones dumpster.

It will all be taken care of.
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