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American Cheese (2 of the large 72 count boxes): Jenn

Bread (6 loaves): Dezi

Butter (2 tubs): Dezi

Hot Dogs (100): Dezi

Buns (12 pkg): Dezi

Ketchup: Hogboy and Syl

Mustard: Hogboy and Syl

Paper Towels (a couple rolls): Jenn

Small Plates: Jenn

Box plastic knives and spoons: Jenn

Griddle: Smart

Tables (need 2):

Aluminum foil (1 roll): Smart

Foil pans (4-6): Smart

Tongs for grabbing food: Smart

Chips (75ish individually packaged): BrandonA

Trash Bags: We always have a ton left over from Team Wing's donation

Banner: Todd?

Pickles (1 large jar dill): BrandonA

Crockpot to keep dogs warm (and liner): Erin

Table cloth: Jenn

Spatula: Smart

Extension Cords (2): Jenn

Generator: Todd

EZ Ups (2): 1-Jenn (and tarp in case of rain)

Candy: Jenn

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