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Default Found an old indian camp...(pics)

People always ask me, what do you look for when trying to locate a place to find artifacts? Well, when I get on a piece of land, I look around and think back to the old ways. You have to take a few things into consideration like water sources, high points, wind direction etc. Basically what you ask yourself is, where would I set up camp on this piece of property if I was going to live off of the land? You then narrow down your options and go from there and get to looking.

Colton and I investigated an area over youth weekend the weekend before last. Colton found a good handfull of flakes (material chipped off of bigger pieces to make points) on the surface within 5 minutes! Plans were made to go back up to our property yesterday to do a little digging around. We were not sure if we would find anything because after talking with plenty of locals over the years, none of them have found or stumbled across any type of artifacts in the area. This area is also not well known for artifacts. I've done a lot of surface looking also and have never found anything until we stumbled across these flakes.

Well after the sifter table and shovels were out, it looked like we were on to ancient indian camp ground.

Here is Brett working hard.

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We started running into a bunch of flakes and then my wife found a broken base to an arrowhead which you can see in the last pic. After a few minutes I stumbled across the first complete point of the day...a little bird point!

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A short 10 minutes later, this popped out of the dirt for me! A nice point with serrated edges!

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A little time goes by when my wife finds a killer tip to a drill made out of flint! We weren't expecting to find pieces like this at all!

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Brett ended up finding two nice points made out of petrified wood and after about 3 hours or so of digging, it was time to hit the road.

So basically we made something out of nothing. You never know, you could have an old camp right smack dab in the middle of your own back yard. It's kind of neat to have a campsite on your own property and one that you have been deer hunting on for years!

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Till Next Time!

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