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Originally Posted by SwampRabbit View Post
You know, I used to roll my eyes at "tacticool" stuff. But the truth is, alot of the tacticool labels are born out of the people who buy stuff for lools over function.

The truth is, these things are functional. They are functional in ways your other packs are not. I know this because I own and use them too.

Lightweight packs are designed for specific gear. Packs made of Cordura 1000 and rely on heavy stiching and rigid framing are designed for different gear. I would never load up my osprey 45 with my loppers, makita tools, wire, and bolts and hump the mile to a new stand location... but have no problem stuffing a bag, clothes, alcohol stove, and freeze dried food in one.

Different tools for different things.

For heavy weight, I uses a suspension pack. But you wpuld be surprised to know how much weight you can tolerate with a simple backpack made to handle the weight from a stiching standpoint and proper loading.

And one final note... MOLLE is friggin awesome. Once you get familiar with its versatility... you will wish most things had MOLLE.

So... again... different tools for different jobs, and many of us are diverse in our outdoor endeavors.

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Ok, Agreed. I can see the reasoning when carry loppers and heavy tools. This need for thicker material makes sense. I especially like the ruck that allows for the deer carcass that someone posted earlier.
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