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Originally Posted by .270 View Post
Yes please fill me in on the 5.11 packs!!! Look good and affordable via Amazon but I know nothing about how to compare which packs are worth a dern.
Honestly, I love the Rush 12 for rucking. Wouldn't want bigger, nor smaller. Has held up 8 months with likely over 800+ miles with loads of 30 to 40 lbs.

Took it to Spain and was just the ok size for a under seat bag. I had it stuffed full which made it tight... loosely packed it was pefect. Fit my laptop, etc.

A 24 would be too big to get good compact loading and smaller I dont think you could get to high of a weight if you wanted to heavy ruck (30+)

But these are just my opinions based on my limited time doing this.

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