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Originally Posted by Goldeneagle View Post
I'm assuming it's the surrounding land owners protecting their honey holes. Theres some really nice deer on the Corp land. I'm willing to bet this is just the beginning of shutting down hunting at Lavon.
IMO the land owners aren't instigating this change, though I'm sure they're in favor of it. I would bet this is a cooperative effort between USACE and TP&W to try and cut down on the deer poaching. Like i said earlier, there's significant evidence of deer hunting on Corps lands. There's been several caught in recent years. i have a buddy who hunts on land adjoining Corps land. On several occasions, he has confronted people rattling and grunting - obviously hunting deer. Once contact was made, they all claimed to be hog hunting. GW was contacted each time.

If the poaching continues, the chances of us law abiding hunters being able to deer hunt these lands is slim. I'm fully aware of the bucks living on Corps lands and REALLY want to hunt them one day.
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