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I don't know, I don't think I'd report the stand. Are they breaking the rules by leaving it out there, yeah but I'm not interested in tattle telling on somebody. I'm more likely to just leave a note and mention the 72 hour rule to them or try to make friends and see if we can't work something out where we share spots/stands. Not trying to get some body's equipment confiscated. In my experience a lot of hunters are pretty friendly people and would appreciate the heads up.

On that note, not sure if anyone is interested in a meet up sometime soon but I know there's a pretty good group of hunters that hunt the Sam that have done one and enjoyed it.

If anyone's interested let me know. Thinking maybe scout Saturday and then cook some dogs on the grill and have a few beers out by Cottonwood. Anyway, if anybody's interested shoot me a PM. Would be nice to meet some fellow public hunters.
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