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Went out late on Saturday to check my three cams. All had does on them but nothing else. Well check that, had a yearling buck on one.

Cam 1 I got snorted at over and over and she (I think) actually kept coming closer to me before finally darting off into the thick.

Cam 3 I jumped 3 doe in three different places heading to the Cam so that was neat.

Not sure where the bucks are but if there's does there will be bucks later on.

Realized Cam 1 was set up 50 yards north of someone's lean to stand that they'd left out over the year.

So question for everybody on that. What is the general friendly hunter policy with respecting other hunters?

I know technically anyone can hunt anywhere they want whenever they want according to regulations. That being said, I think all hunters understand and appreciate someone respecting their hunt/space.

So for instance, I've always done more public duck hunting in the past. If we create a makeshift blind and the next morning another group got there earlier and was in it, well, that's just how it goes. Crazy as it is that never happened. But what would tend to happen is late hunters would come strolling into your spread 10 mins before shooting time and we'd just flash 'em with our lights and they'd get the hint and move on. We tried to do the same.

What's the "code" if you will for deer hunting? I honestly, wouldn't mind if somebody used my hanging stand or lean to stand if I wasn't there. But if I showed up to my stand and somebody was using it I think I'd probably let them know "yeah I put this one up and I'd like to hunt out of it this morning." Likewise if I was in somebody else's lean to and they came up to hunt it I'd gladly oblige and get out of their stand.

And what about proximity? I really want to hunt this rub. It looks like a good spot. I don't feel like somebody else has a claim to it because they left their stand out all year. Otherwise you'd end up having 100s of stands out all the time and every square foot would be "claimed".

What do y'all think?
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