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Originally Posted by Black Gold View Post
Here is the list thus far:
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Cody, are you feeding protein on your Hallettsville lease? If so, what kind of consumption have you seen compared to years past?

As I've stated on previous threads I feed protein to hold and attract mature bucks as much as the benefits to the deer. I hunt a small but very productive 450 acre pasture. It has 4 corn fields totaling 100 acres, hay fields which are drilled with oats in the fall and excellent pasture lands. One addition that is a benefit from the corn is every time a disc is ran over the corn fields, new browse pops up and the native browse adjacent to the fields benefit from the little extra kick of fertilizer.

Having said all that, I haven't seen much protein consumption from the deer, perhaps a bit less than normal but it's been a really wet year. One of the reasons that I switched to DD was it's marketed attractiveness to deer.

I happened on an accidental discovery. In trying to bait a very large hog that's been frequenting my protein feeder I dumped a bag of corn just a few feet from it...To my surprise the deer are hitting the corn 10:1 vs. the protein. It makes me think that I need to mix some corn in my protein and keep it that way. Once the corn in the fields start to firm up in about July, they hardly touch the protein and live in the corn fields.

This is in a low deer density area for the region btw.
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