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Originally Posted by tradtiger View Post
You practice for exactly that situation. Didn't you ever -- as a kid -- say: "here's Little Playa, pitching with the bases loaded in the 9th for all the marbles; gotta have a K here. He goes with the curve... got eem swingin; !!!"

Practice is about making extraordinary situations routine and do-able. It's also about identifying who as players is "clutch" and putting those guys on the field.
You do t seriously think pretending actually prepares you, I mean you are joking right? Iím all for visualization exercises, but there is still a huge gap to reality.

Originally Posted by Dale Moser View Post
That play doesn't get made a time or two every night in the bigs.

People need to let it go, and let those kids move on. The pitcher didn't HAVE to give up a tater to the next guy....and the rest of the team COULD HAVE helped out a little in game 3.

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Yep Arkansa had more than that 1 play to win. 38 strikeouts, any one of them could have been a difference maker.
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