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Originally Posted by NAVY CHIEF View Post
I've killed 2 in the past 2 months but one of the new guys said he saw like 40 up in there last week...I been shooting mine way out on the lake!

Well Iím here and ur were right I shouldíve taken the shot something told me thatís a Hog but I didnít then a quick second it stands up so I moved in front of a bush so he stalls knowing Iím there. I couldnít shoot thru the bush then he bolts across from me hauling *** and this guy is the biggest Iíve ever seen with a lighter brown across his back and dark /Black the rest of the body looking like at least 250 or more. I shoot but missed I chased but he was way too fast!!! ****!!!! Most excitement Iíve had here on Granger. Thanks again bro my rookie *** should of shot he looked just like a log !!

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