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Originally Posted by AZST_bowhunter View Post
Russia is flying bombers near the Alaskan coast.
-Happens all of the time, it is just never glorified on the News.. Tracked them all of the time while in the Navy, they also fly to Guam and over our carriers all of the time.

Iran navigating warships near our destroyers
-Also happens all of the time, I have heard them come on the radio and tell us they were going to fire at us if we continued, my captain replied "if you shoot at me, the wrath of Allah will come down on you.

If Turkey isn't careful they will be getting a barrage of tomahawks..

And NK being NK.
-Also happens all of the time, they really flipped when Obummer sent our strike group to their waters (also the Carl Vinson). We ported in Busan and did drills with South Korea and Japan..
Stop fibbing on is worse than EVER before from these mini tyrants around the globe!
I just learned on last Thursday that I have a fraternity brother that recently took command of a missile guided destroyer!
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