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Default Piled up some red deer at the J-J.

My family and I spent most of the Thanksgiving weekend down at the ranch, and on Friday, we decided to start culling some red deer hinds. The ranch owner's wife had one of her friends out that had never hunted before. We got her settled in the highrack and she made a perfect shot. Not bad at all for her first time shooting.

After we loaded up her hind and took care of it, we busted out the BIG gun and had some fun. I was up first with the .416 Rigby. We got back on them, and Steve (owner) and I jumped off the rack and headed over the hill to where they were feeding down in creek bottom. We peeked over the hill and there were about 8 hinds feeding about 85 yards away. Steve threw up the sticks and I settled in on the biggest one. I touched off the shot a little back, but still in the lungs and she ran about 50 yards and piled up. First kill for me with the big gun.

Dad was up next, we got on a different group across the ranch, and Dad and I snuck up to about 75 yards and he settled into the sticks and folded a big one right in her tracks. It's neat watching 400 grains of lead smash into something. It makes it hard for them to stay on their feet.

Clint, the owners SIL, killed another one that night, but I didn't end up with pics of it. He made a good shot with the big gun and she was down within about 100 yards.

I went mule deer hunting the next morning on a different ranch while Dad and Steve stayed and hunted out of our new bow blind. Dad was able to get his first whitetail with a bow, a nice cull buck. He's killed a few exotics with it, but has had terrible luck getting a deer. I was very proud of him, and glad that he got the monkey off of his back finally. Shot was 34 yards and the deer was down within 40.

When I got back and we cleaned up the whitetail and mule deer, we were back on the road chasing red deer. The ranch owner's son was up this time and he made a great 200 yard shot off of the sticks with his .300 wby. She dropped in her tracks. I didn't end up with a pic of that one, but she was a great mature hind.

My wife and kiddos showed up shortly after that and after a quick lunch, Erin, my wife, was up to bat. She didn't was anything to do with that .416 so she took a .25-06 that I just bought and decided to break it in for me. We hit the highrack and got back on the cows pretty quick. After waiting forever for them to give her a clear shot, she hammered a monster hind right behind the shoulder. She ran out into an opening and started getting a little shaky right before she tipped over for good. It was awesome and Erin was very excited. She had killed a pile of whitetail and some exotics, but this was her first real big bodied animal. She was pumped. It was a great weekend and a good chance to do some much needed culling of our red deer herd. Got a few more to do this weekend along with a few Perre David cows. I'll post pics in just a sec.
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