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Default Extreme Bowhunting

Just left Extreme Bowhunting after 4 of us from Nc and GA made a 2 day trek across country! What a great trip and a fantastic operation!! Caleb was top notch and his dig Champagne was something to see. We all had the Safari package and came home with plenty of critters and have a few more close calls that we couldn't seal the deal on! I can't say enough not only about the operation but the way we were treated by Caleb. It's a long way to drive but he made every mile worth it! His dog Champagne was one of the best tracking dogs I have seen. We had a tough shout on a Ewe and she ran down in the canyons. We thought for sure once she went down there that were done. He set her on the track and she went to working. After about 5 min we heard her baying and sure enough, not only did she find her but she held her up until these flat landers could get caught up to her! That was bonus excitement getting to watch her work! Accomadations were solid and me and the boys had a Great time! We hunted hard and didn't stop the whole time. Already booked for next year now all we have to do is "Hang on"!!
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