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Originally Posted by flywise View Post
I m as far from rich as they get. I dont think anyone is under the impression that all gov entities will stop raping the tax payer. It just ain't right that a piece of property can be taxed out of a family
If you have a decent job then you're considered rich...Heck if you hold a job and/or property you're rich in their eyes.

I know no one thinks they will stop raping us. But even thinking for one second the burden will be shifted fairly is dumb.

Laws and peoples mentality only go one way...and that's to helping the "poor"..

And I agree it is 100% wrong how the system is set up. But again it's to get money where they can get the most money... It will never change in our favor.

The only thing that has any chance to come out of this discussion is providing them with the chance to ADD a new tax under the lie of lowering another, which any sane person knows wouldn't happen.
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