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Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
Family and I were at the lease Sunday-Today. Shot some hogs, Bushhogged some areas and had a great time EXCEPT when we went into town to eat at Maria's which happened to be the only place open Monday. Save yourselves some time, money and legs falling asleep on the toilet! Can't even start to describe how awful the food, service and cleanliness of the place. I know its Sonora and Not Houston/Dallas, but I won't step foot in that place again.

On another note, area was green, green, green! We didn't see much Axis at all on the trail cams the last 2-3 weeks. Not sure if they moved on or didn't care for corn now that they had plenty of Browse?
Thanks for the heads up, we were going to try that place next time we went up. Now we wont.

I didnt see any axis either last time we went up. So maybe they are just not moving that great right now.
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