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Originally Posted by TX_Hoghunter View Post
Back in the day when it was legal I would catch quite a few hogs and then resell them. You cannot believe some of the things that SOME people who do guided hunts do. I knew of one guy that would have his hunters come in the night before the big hunt. Once the hunters arrived and were settled in for the night they would load up a hog, take it out to where they were going to hunt, shoot it between the front toes on both front feet with a .22, and then turn it out. As you can imagine the hog did not travel far. Another had a small pen built out in the woods. He would take his hunter out. The dogs would tear out to the pen. A worker of his was there and when he would see the dogs coming he would turn out the hog. The dogs would normally get bayed fairly quick. The hunter would kill it and think they had a real hunt.

Friend of mine guided quail hunts. Worked the same way. Hunters never knew they were planted and everyone got limit. Went home happy hunters bragging about how good Texas quail hunting was.
Everybody was happy.
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