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Originally Posted by 2014FusionM View Post
The 10 speed that is new was a collaboration between GM and Ford. I believe Chrystler has been using them for almost 2 years now. I bet 90% of the bugs are ironed out.
Dodge has no A10...they have had great success with their A8 however.

This A10 will be seen across the GM & Ford line in short order...expect to see more in 18. Both Ford and GM launched in their top shelf performance line, which speaks volumes. They debuted it in the Raptor and Camaro ZL1. It's an amazing trans & really hope I get the chance to see what Ford did with it in the Raptor.

I have the ZL1 & while they share the same basic outer shell, the innards are designed & engineered for the specific applications...they say it has a computer in it to chat with the engine & knows what you are wanting out of it at any moment. I've read quite a bit on it & while a lot of it is hush hush it's quite an amazing piece of hardware. It up/down shift faster than Porshe's pdk trans in the GM. I really haven't looked into the Raptor specifics, but do know the ZL1 tops out speed in 8th gear. 9th & 10th are overdrives. If I'm in tour mode & just tooling around, you cannot feel it shift it is so smooth.

I really would like an opportunity to compare & try a spin in the Raptor to see what Ford did on their's really a shame almost all most Ford dealers do the ADM crap with their upper end stuff or Dad would driving one instead of a King Ranch right now. You don't see as many Chevy dealers doing this??
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