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For me it is pretty simple. Above anything else, when it comes to archery, I love to hunt. Because of that, I really only have 1 bow at the moment. It is my Blackwidow PCH - 50#/28". Before that I shot a Sammick Sage, which I don't use for anything other than bowfishing. I have a longbow that I have taken a few small critters with, but it is a pain (literally) to shoot so I don't. I have it because you just never know when you have to have a long bow to shoot (think 3D).

I don't have any plans to and haven't yet bought another recurve because there just isn't any reason to... I have and will continue to kill critters with my widow.

I would like to find a longbow that suits me one of these days... but I still drag my feet on that because at the end of the day... I like killing stuff and my widow does just fine in that department.
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