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I never got a chance for an exceptional smoke this weekend...

Friday night, is usually "garage night" which means hang out with the guys in the garage and smoke cigars and BS. Well, garage night turned into truck maintenance night. I changed out the serpentine on my buddy's truck, then put a new tensioner assembly on mine plus an oil change and replace the clamps on my radiator hoses where it was leaking. I finished up around 11:00, and had a Fuente Sun Grown as reward.

Last night, I went with Pop to the Farm. He's been having trouble with a problem boar, who moved in during deer season, and has run off all the deer, plus is now tearing up the feeders. Pop has been patterning him the last few weeks, he's been coming in between 6 and 11:00 PM. We got in the stand by 5:30, and sat out for him until after midnight, when neither one of us could stay awake any longer. Darn thing no-showed on us. Made it back to the house in time to watch a little Feherty and crashed.
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