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I have hunted up there twice for goats. First was a straight goat hunt and second was a moose/goat combo. My first trip was with bolen-Lewis. I would say they have it pretty dialed in. The second was with sugar valley outfitters and I think they are now called big time hunts or something like that. Saw lots of goats there. I would try to go somewhere that you backpack in and spike camp unless you are in some kind of Herculean shape. It’s much easier to get up on top or 3/4 of the way up on the mountain and then skirt around to hunt goats from a spike camp. On my second hunt, we glassed them from the bottom and then went up. If you do that a few days in a row it will wear your legs out just going up and down. Goat country is no picnic where I have hunted them and I have heard of very, very few even moderate goat hunts. I book through BSC and they will book a rifle hunter. They keep pretty good tabs on the bc outfitters. They all will take a rifle hunter.
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