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Austin is a far different place from when my dad was stationed at Bergstrom AFB and we had the run of the city as kids. I guess to answer the OP's question:
Centrally located deep in the heart of Texas
Huge University System
International Airport
Beautiful landscape
Easy access to the rest of the state.
Friendly folks.
High tech jobs moving in and paying GREAT salaries.
Government jobs since it is a CAPITAL city.
Decent Weather
Originally Posted by Worksalot View Post
They’ve been buying up ranches in East TX.
Heck, I wish someone with cash to burn would offer me crazy dollars for my place in East Texas! Buy me OUT!!!
Originally Posted by Rubi513 View Post
You summed up every big city....
Yes he did! Heck, it is the capital city of TEXAS with a booming government & tech industry.
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