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Originally Posted by Abcdj View Post
You must be new to the area.

We hunt very close to each other. Probably not more than 15 miles apart from where you described.

When it's hot here it's hotter than H^$*.

When its cold here it's colder than S@$*.

When the wind blows here it blows like a son of a #%^&.

When the wind doesn't blow you can fart and hear it a mile away.

When it is dry it's a dust bowl.

When it rains or snows everything turns red!

I'm sure I left something out.

I really like hunting up here. You just never know what mother natures gonna throw at ya

Yep this is my first year at electra. I hunted north of Vernon up by the river a couple of years but that dirt was more like beachy sand. This electra dirt is deep red and....DUSTY!
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