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If I am going deep off trail in an area that I know is not surrounded by roads, fences, easements, etc. or that is really thick I take both a handheld GPS and my iphone. I also always carry a compass and many times a paper map as well.

On my iphone I use Gaia GPS and sometimes OnX. Gaia is awesome. Nothing I’ve found is easier to use than Gaia. I pre-download back ground maps and put my iphone on airplane mode. This saves battery life and the GPS on the phone still works in airplane mode. OnX is really cool too for public land boundaries, but the interface on Gaia is more like a traditional GPS unit and simpler to navigate in my opinion.

For my handheld, I have a Garmin GPS Map 60Csx. It is an older, but awesome unit.

If I really get deep in the back country, my phone goes into a safe dry location and I use my hand held almost exclusively. I protect my phone and its battery life in case I need to make emergency phone calls.

Note: On your smart phone you can save Google Maps back grounds as well for when you don’t have cell service.

Edit: I have had GPS units improperly store way points or fail to track. I've lost and destroyed iphones which are delicate. I'm a big believer in redundancy. Two is one and one is none. Also, always carry a compass and know the lay of the land before you set off.

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