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Hello my name is Ron Jones, with the cleverly thought out aka "Ron" for you folks on the green screen. I live and work in Ennis, TX with my beautiful wife, Lupe. Yes, we both work in the same office and are together pretty much 24/7.

I was born in Olton, Texas, just outside of Plainview and lived in four different states before I got out of grade school.Most of my childhood was spent in Amarillo and Ennis. I graduated High School in my junior year, because I didn't like attending school, at all.

I attended college off and on over the years and my major was in business management and science engineering, but I never graduated. I got married instead and quickly had two children that needed to be taken care of. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Then a third child years later, but that angel is a long story. He became a real angel at the age of 18 and took a good bit of me with him.

I worked at a couple of different jobs and each time I would quickly become a supervisor or foreman. Too me this meant long hours and no overtime, so after a while I would go find something else. This put me where I am today. I work for a company in Ennis,TX that makes agricultural, and home and garden protection products.
When I started here, it was the perfect job, just one of the guys and a year later Shift Manager. Not again, yep, a year later Plant Manager, then two years later Vice President and Director of Manufacturing. Now 30 years later, the same title and about 250 wonderful people to work with everyday. I guess the good Lord wanted me to be someones boss

I began archery at a very early age (5). My Mother worked half a day and she would drop me off at the YMCA while she was at work. They taught me how to swim, how to shoot a rifle, tennis, golf, and archery. The archery stuck.

Much like Chunky, my parents did not hunt or participate in outdoor sports so I dreamed about these things and read all I could get ahold of concerning hunting and fishing. We then moved to Ennis when I was 10 and I spent time with my PaPa.
PaPa was a quail hunter and a duck hunter, finally someone to teach me the ropes. He loved me to go with him, although I think he just liked trying to walk me to death behind those dogs. I finally got to shoot with him when I turned 12 and he gave me a shotgun. This was a double barrel 12 gage, that whipped me good, but I wouldn't tell him or he would have never quit teasing me. He loved to aggravate, but I loved him so much it didn't bother me like the rest of his grandkids.
During this same period I had my Bear fiberglass recurve. I would stalk the hundreds of cottontails that lived around town. They were mostly at the Cemetery, but they closed the gates early and I would go hunt them up. You can put up a pretty good spot and stalk between the trees and the grave stones. I know that sounds pretty bad right now, but I didn't think nothing of it back then.
I have continued hunting with a bow all these years and in the eighties I bought a compound. It was so ugly, but oh so smooth and I thought it would make hunting better. I continued hunting and harvesting deer and other game with a bow over the years, but when rifle season came on, I would put it up and grab a gun.
In 2000, I was able to go bear hunting with a bow and I was pumped. I went to Alberta, up close to the North-West Territories. It was a good hunt and I was able to kill two bears with my bow, the gun was no longer much fun.
I've bow hunted totally for several years and last January 2011, I decided to go traditional only. I have enjoyed it everyday as well as the opportunity to get to know some great people who have the same love for traditional as myself. I also get to meet a lot of newcomers to archery as a Bowhunter Education Instructor.

I hope the pictures work, but if not I'll try again.

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