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Default The Travels Of The Bow Sacagawea

Sacagawea is name of our traveling bow. She is named in honor of the Native American woman who travel extensively with Lewis and Clark in the early 1800s.

Our beautiful little bow was conceived and built by our good friend and site sponsor Bob Sarrels. She is light enough that almost anyone can shoot her and has a shelf on both sides to accommodate both left and right handed archers.

Generous donations made by over twenty members paid for the construction of the bow. Those contributors make up the list of the first twenty archers to get an opportunity to have her. It is our hope that when the list is completed she will continue to travel and build a history.

The concept is that the bow passes from person to person. Each archer keeps the bow for no more than a month (four weekends). They may choose to hunt with her, shoot her in some competition, or just fling arrows in their back yard. The point is that they held the bow, shot the bow, and became a part of the bow’s history. Perhaps a little of the archers spirit may transfer to the bow as well.

We hope that this will serve as a bonding experience and provide for entertainment for the members of our community here, on the Texas Bowhunter Traditional Page. After a person has the bow, they will write a short profile so that we can know them better and tell us about their time with the bow. Those profiles and stories follow. A log book picture album also travel with the bow.

We hope you enjoy reading about the travels and adventures of Sacagawea.
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