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Default 2017 Lake Grapevine Hunting Thread

Originally Posted by Hawkpuppy 1 View Post
Glad you got him back, but sounds like between this and Whitney, maybe you should leave the dogs at home from now on....

Thanks for your totally helpful and thoughtful response after the fact. Iíve trained dogs for 25 years, and Iíll continue to take them out there when I want to. Just like anyone and everyone else has the right to out there. And for the record, they havenít been out there during any permitted seasons when I werenít using them as blood dogs.

But thanks for taking the time to lecture pal. ďGlad you got him back, but...Ē

You arenít actually glad I got him back, and itís just you trying to interject it as a talking point. Normally I wouldnít even post about things like losing a dog for these exact same reasons. Good ole TBH, being what it normally is in 2017!

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