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Default Mahindra

I have a 2010 Mahindra 8560 4x4 and its a beast. Did have a couple minor issues early on that in my opinion were due to lack of final assembly inspection.

Wire to the injector pump kill solenoid was wrapped around the throttle cable which eventually came undone and had me scratching me head in the pasture for a few hours.

One radiator hose connection was loose. Other than that no issues other than my local dealer doesn't sale them anymore. Evidently a Knox tractor in Houston is under pricing everyone else and they couldn't compete.

I found a which is an awesome place for mainetance items. I ordered everything ( engine oil, hydr oil, filters) from them in a complete no hassel kit and it hit my doorstep in less than a week from ordering it.

I was down to this tractor and a kubota before I decided to cut loose on the money.

Good luck.
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