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Originally Posted by texansfan View Post
Just to play devil's advocate....
What if the Facebook guy wanted to buy a M1 Abrahms tank complete with munitions.
Should he be able to buy it?

Where do we draw the line?

And for the record I priced out a AR package chambered in .223 with the CMG 22LR mod as well as bumpstocks and a Silencer Shop can.

I decided against it right now as I have no need for such a toy and my kids are too young to be around that.
Once they broke into my jeep and style my guns while I went into the gas station in Tenaha I haven't replaced them.
It depends on whether or not a tank fits within the definition of "arms." I think it should be legal, and I would have no problem with him owning one.

Before you take the argument to F-22's, tomahawk missiles, and nukes...there is some point where they are no longer arms. I don't know what that point is, and I don't feel like wasting the brain energy to try to figure it out right now.
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