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I wanted to thank everyone on this thread for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I took most of your suggestions and methods and along with my years of full time protein at 5 stations, the results are exceptionally better in all areas for the first time. The deer are very healthy and weight is up a lot. The 4 and older bucks made tremendous improvements in headgear inches, heaviness and little explosions of horns, I even noticed some extra main beams. I will try to get my son to help me load some pictures. I apologize for this being so long but it's important to me that ya'll know what was going on with me before this thread got my attention. At 65, I was having some health issues last year that for the first time in my life took me away from me and everyone and everything I cared about. I have been blessed more than I deserve with my family, friends and my business but I was still stuck Then I found this website and this particular thread about receiving so much from everyone and felt it was time to give back and share in some way. And give back, Rusty and other did with joy. It's a interesting read with real information and great member participation and I was enjoying the logic and back and forth when a light went off in my head (not a real one). I saw in this particular thread, people sharing in their love of hunting, their stewardship of improving the land (ecology,biology), the plants and trees, the conservation for the wildlife under their care and the hard work, money and sacrifices made memories made with family and friends, the evolving methods and ideas, all the time sharing your friendships and some hardships and caring about one another while life goes on. You never know what affect your actions and words can do for someone that you don't even know is there. I don't think I have met any of you but I feel like I know many of you. If you were to ever find yourself in the Mississippi Delta and you need help, just give me a call. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to all.
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