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Originally Posted by stickbowcoop View Post
If anybody is heading out to LBJ or Caddo and wants some company or needs help with anything pm me. I would love to have someone familiar with hunting in Texas to get up to speed with. I am NOT trying to horn in on your favorite spots or anything like that. I just feel like hunting here in Texas is going to be a lot different than the farmland and hardwood forests of PA I am used to hunting. So having a mentor so to speak, could be helpful. I will gladly pay for lunch/dinner/beers whatever, for any advice .

This area seems like it will be the closest public land to me so unless I can find a lease public land will have to give me my bowhunting fix.

I'm gonna head out there tomorrow. Try to call some yotes in again and scout for some more turkey. More than welcome to join. Unless you're waiting for fall

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