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Originally Posted by ;12255335
The best time to hunt mouflon is later in the season? Around December-February?
It used to be a few years back as most of the hunting traffic would settle down with WT season winding down. This past year from what I was told, the hunting pressure was constant and continued after the first of the year. I did not hunt area 5 for mouflons but everyone that did told me that the number of mouflons in the hunting area was greatly diminished as compared to other years.

There is a lot of property/area for the mouflons to run off to when they are heavily pressured. Unfortunately, all of that is outside the hunting area. I heard reports of a large group of mouflons that moved to the east side of Highway 90 which is mainly private property or park land but all of it is of limits to hunting. The majority of the time mouflons run off to the east side towards a subdivision that overlooks lake Amistad.
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