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There are 4 types of public lands in Texas. Three are lands run by federal agencies. Some of those federal agencies work very closely with TP&W. Some do not. LBJ is run by the U.S. Forestry Service. Some of the forestry service lands are managed by TP&W. But LBJ is not one of them. TP&W just helps enforce the law there, as do the Federal Forestry agents like Rangers and US Fish and Wildlife Wardens. That is the only thing TP&W dose at/with LBJ. LBJ also has it's own hunting program and rules.

No matter what type of public lands you chose to hunt, be sure you know the rules for that land. Some vary by location and do not have a blanket set of rules. Or a blanket set of rules for the state. But most follow the state bag limits or have their own of lessor limits. Or even some "off limits".

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