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Yes I have a friend who takes his Kayak out to Area 4 and 5 and I've seen him paddling back with Mouflon and Whitetail draped over the hull. Don't overlook Spur 406 and accessing Area 2 as well, no exotics but plenty of Whitetail. I have a boat and hit 2 several times this year but mostly Area 4. PM me when you come down and you're welcome to come along. I always offer up boat rides and hunts as I often hunt full weeks alone but nobody ever takes me up on the offer. I offer that up to everyone, but Alaska has always been a dream of mine to get up there and do *anything* but just don't really know where to start so a lead or something on that would be very welcome.
I met Dahmer at a bow shop here in town many years ago, total stranger at the time and he gave me some arrows to use with my Guillotine broadheads. Nice guy.
Thanks so much for the reply! I'm new to this but I will send you a PM if I can figure it out. I'm the same way. I work a two week on two week off schedule and fish ever day in the summer when I'm not hunting and it's often by myself because my friends are working. My wife goes with me a lot. I live near Talkeetna Alaska and have a jet boat. I jet up the rivers and normally find places just packed with salmon and no one else fishing. I also have a small cabin and drift boat in Sterling 300 yards from the Kenai river. The kenai is easily accessible and is guided heavy but it doesn't matter when they get over a million sockeye each year, mostly all in the month of July and then the silvers and before the sockeye thousands of kings. It's common to catch 100 rainbows in a day in the fall and a good number of them are 25" plus. It all depends what you want to catch or do here.
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