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Originally Posted by Alaskahunter View Post
Hi everyone, I'm from Alaska and live in Alaska and I want to thank you guys for this forum. For a few years I've researched and read these forums and studied the lake Amistad areas. My wife and I were able to harvest 2 mouflon rams in 3 days last year and had a great hunt. I specifically thank a guy named Dahmer on here that doesn't mind giving out a lot of information. I will say the terrain is not tough like most say it is but most haven't hunted in Alaska where you get dropped off by a plane and then it's survival for the next 10-12 days. My first sheep I logged over 100 miles on GPS that hunt. 5000 ft climbs in a day, busting through alders for days at a time, camping on glaciers in blizzards and carrying a 120 pound pack for 30 miles. Texas was lake a vacation for us. First day we walked around the entire hunting area scouting and were back at the pool by noon drinking a margarita. Anyway we are coming back because we had such a great time. I really want to get into area 4 this year to check it out. We are bringing pack rafts and plan on paddling across the lake from spur 454. Has anyone done this? We would love to get together with someone that has a boat or we are willing to rent one if anyone can help? Sorry if It seems like I was being arrogant about the terrain in Amistad, didn't mean to come off that way but the posts on how hard it was to hunt and how there aren't many animals discouraged me for a few years until I said screw it and went. Atleast I thought we would see new country and warmer temps. I didn't think the hunting would be as good as it was. If anyone has a boat and wants to hunt a few days I have a couple boats in Alaska and know the hunting and fishing real good and could make a deal to someone who has always wanted to come to Alaska and catch some salmon or do a hunt. Thank you!
Congrats on the successful hunt!! When are you planning on hunting area 4? I have kicked around the idea of peddling a kayak and setting up camp over there... I will probably not attempt it until next year.

The majotiry of the time we have it blowing out of the southeast. Coming back towards 454 could get hairy when it's blowing over 15 MPH... It might be easier to shoot across to black brush ramp. Something to consider would be launching from 277. It would mean a longer distance to travel on the way out but the wind would be at your back.

PM Coming your way.
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